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LOST Retrospective: Recommended Reading List

| May 26, 2010

To accompany my new series “LOST Retrospective”–in which I’m blogging through all the episodes of LOST, reconsidering them in light of how the show ended–I’m accumulating a list of online articles and posts that I found particularly helpful in forming my take on the meaning and importance of LOST. I’ll update and repost this list […]

LOST Retrospective: Tabula Rasa (Season 1, Episode 3)

| May 25, 2010

(This post is part of a series. I’m blogging through all the episodes of LOST, taking a new look at them in light of what we now know now that the series is over. Click here to read my introduction to the series and my thinking behind it.) Warning: If you have not yet seen […]

A LOST Retrospective: The LOST Eschaton, or Knowing the End from the Beginning

| May 25, 2010

Now that the LOST finale episode, and the entire six-year series, are history, I’ve decided to begin an attempt at re-watching all the episodes again, now knowing the end from the beginning. I realized that in doing this I’ll get to repurpose the two-readings “Christian” way of reading the Bible I learned in seminary. In […]

LOST Producer Cuse: “No Unified Theory”

| May 25, 2010

From a fascinating discussion between LOST producers Cuse and Lindelof and theoretical physicist Sean Carroll, author of From Eternity to Here: Carlton Cuse: I think there’s this essential human desire to have a unified field theory. But there is no unified field theory for Lost, nor do we think there should be. Philosophically we don’t […]

LOST Finale? I’m With Iris Dement: “Let the Mystery Be”

| May 24, 2010

Iris DeMent via last.fm I became a fan of Iris Dement after hearing her song “Our Town” used to close out the series finale of my favorite television series of all time, Northern Exposure. The song perfectly summed up what the series was really all about, why it continues to speak to me when I […]

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