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League of Inveterate Poets

The out-of-context contextuality of a foolish sage

Unexpected Reading List in The Gum Thief by Douglas Coupland

| July 31, 2011

I’m somewhat amused that on pp. 92-93 of Douglas Coupland’s novel┬áThe Gum Thief, Coupland has a character who is an extremely boring and self-absorbed novelist rattle off a recommended reading list that is really quite excellent. Just added all of the suggestions to my “to read” list on Goodreads. Here’s the passage, with links to […]

I’ll Bet You Money That the Song Was “This Year”

| July 17, 2011

Ben turned around and offered me his fist. I punched it softly, even though I hated that greeting. “Q!” he shouted over the music. “How good does this feel?” And I knew exactly what Ben meant: he meant listening to the the Mountain Goats with your friends in a car that runs on a Wednesday […]

Review: Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield

| August 21, 2010

It’s been a while since I read a novel that truly fit the old cliche “page turner.” I can truly say, though, that I only ever put my copy of Gates of Fire down because of the necessities of life. It gripped me from page one and did not let go.

Gates of Fire is so much more than an attempt to recreate the legendary last stand of a handful of Spartan warriors against multitudes of Persian invaders, though it accomplishes that task beautifully. It also manages to serve as a philosophical treatise on courage, brotherhood, sacrifice, dedication, love, and a host of other themes without ever becoming pedantic or boring.

Win a Copy of The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

| August 16, 2010

We have a winner! Congratulations to Tom Lietaert, whose comment was randomly chosen (by numbering all comments [except my own] and using a random number generator). Tom has won the copy of The War of Art. I will be contacting him by email to arrange delivery. Thanks to all who participated! Recently I reviewed Steven […]

What Is an Inveterate Poet?

| August 11, 2010

I am. You are, if you are human (and I very much assume you are!). This blog (originally titled Sacred Journey) has been The League of Inveterate Poets for over a year now. I thought it was about time to revisit the origin and meaning of that strange name. It comes from an essay by […]

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