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League of Inveterate Poets

The out-of-context contextuality of a foolish sage

What Is an Inveterate Poet?

| August 11, 2010

I am. You are, if you are human (and I very much assume you are!). This blog (originally titled Sacred Journey) has been The League of Inveterate Poets for over a year now. I thought it was about time to revisit the origin and meaning of that strange name. It comes from an essay by […]

Review: An Unsettling God by Walter Brueggemann

| March 7, 2010

An Unsettling God: The Heart of the Hebrew Bible by Walter Brueggemann My rating: 5 of 5 stars Brueggemann forces us to unblinkingly confront the God actually presented in the Old Testament, not the God we wish was there via the colored glasses of our Western rationalistic theology. He shows us that the Israelite conception […]

Moments: A Radiolab Video

| August 26, 2009

I listen to a lot of podcasts, but over the past six months only one has consistently rated “must-never-ever-miss-an-episode”: WNYC’s RadioLab. Here’s the show’s self-description: Radiolab believes your ears are a portal to another world. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience. Big questions are investigated, tinkered with, […]

To the Prophet, God and Neighbor Are Equal

| June 8, 2009

Cover via Amazon I’m home sick today (nasty head cold) and mostly lying in bed, listening to Eugene Peterson’s The Jesus Way: A Conversation on the Ways that Jesus Is the Way on audio. Much of the book is striking me as a practical/pastoral meditation on the implications of the cruciform ethics laid out in […]

The Wisdom of Seth

| April 29, 2009

Just passing on to you a recommendation for one of my few “must-read-every-day” blogs: Seth Godin’s Blog. Seth describes himself as “a bestselling author, entrepreneur and agent of change.” He has authored a number of bestselling books, including All Marketers Are Liars: The Power of Telling Authentic Stories in a Low-Trust World and his latest┬áPermission […]

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