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League of Inveterate Poets

The out-of-context contextuality of a foolish sage

To the Prophet, God and Neighbor Are Equal

| June 8, 2009

Cover via Amazon I’m home sick today (nasty head cold) and mostly lying in bed, listening to Eugene Peterson’s The Jesus Way: A Conversation on the Ways that Jesus Is the Way on audio. Much of the book is striking me as a practical/pastoral meditation on the implications of the cruciform ethics laid out in […]

Metaphor: The Indivisibility of Visible and Invisible

| June 6, 2009

Cover via Amazon We live in an intricate web of relationships that comprises the visible and the invisible, and so we need words that at one and the same time designate what is immediate to us via our senses and also immediate to us by faith. Ours is the world of dirt and stone, roads […]

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