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League of Inveterate Poets

The out-of-context contextuality of a foolish sage

What Is an Inveterate Poet?

| August 11, 2010

I am. You are, if you are human (and I very much assume you are!). This blog (originally titled Sacred Journey) has been The League of Inveterate Poets for over a year now. I thought it was about time to revisit the origin and meaning of that strange name. It comes from an essay by […]

Harry Poe on the Arts as Christian Pulpit

| February 27, 2009

(From the Making Men Moral Conference at Union University, Jackson TN, February 25-27, 2009. As reported by Owen Strachan. A friend tells me Harry Poe is the great grandson of Edgar Allen Poe. If anyone has any more bio on him, I’ll be glad to add it here. HT for the quote to Christ Datillo […]

Inveterate Poets

| February 23, 2009

We are inveterate poets. Our imaginations awake. C. S. Lewis I’m thinking now an alternative title for this blog might be “The League of Inveterate Poets” [UPDATE: It was too good to pass up. This blog known for all of two days eponymously as “Foolish Sage” is now The League of Inveterate Poets. I’ve included […]

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