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League of Inveterate Poets

The out-of-context contextuality of a foolish sage

Podcast #3: Alan Helm’s Afternoon of Glory, Part 1

July 2nd, 2010

League of Inveterate Poets PodcastIn Part 1 of this story, a chance mention of a rock band to a friend opens the door to a memory of my 15 minutes of fame. It’s a story of how a marching band geek became a rock star, if only for one brief but happy moment.

Listen to the podcast using the player below, or use the link provided to download it to your computer. you can subscribe to The League of Inveterate Poets Podcast on iTunes by clicking here. If you like what you’re hearing, please leave a rating and review on iTunes. Thanks! (It may be 24 hours or more after this post was published before this episode shows up in iTunes.)

Listen to Part 2 of this story

Theme music: “This Year” by The Mountain Goats
Other music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0” http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

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The Bus, the Bench, and the Chamber of Doom (Podcast Version)

June 27th, 2010

Front of a yellow school bus.Here’s a new edit of my story of middle school terror and certain doom. I went all out on this one in preparation for my upcoming storytelling podcast. I was able to improve the audio of the voice considerably (warming it up with some equalization), and added a theme song and background music. Would love to hear what you think of this new version, even if you heard the original.

WARNING: Explicit language is used in this audio presentation. (<– Click link to listen!)


CREDITS: Theme song is “This Year” by The Mountain Goats. Background music this story is “One Eyed Maestro” by Kevin McLeod at incompetech.com.

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Somewhere My Love…Anywhere But Here (Podcast Version)

June 26th, 2010

Story I performed at The Monti Story Slam on 22 June 2010. A tale of unrequited love and the most terrifying movie of all time.

WARNING: Contains explicit language.

(NOTE: I’ve begun experimenting with a podcast, hoping to put up at least one of my stories each week. I’m shifting hosting to my own site, so as soon as I’m sure that the feed is working properly, I’ll post a link to subscribe via iTunes.)

Podcast: Desperate Plans

June 17th, 2010

A tale of youthful desperation with built-in, guaranteed fail.

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