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I’ll Bet You Money That the Song Was “This Year”

By on July 17, 2011

Ben turned around and offered me his fist. I punched it softly, even though I hated that greeting. “Q!” he shouted over the music. “How good does this feel?”

And I knew exactly what Ben meant: he meant listening to the the Mountain Goats with your friends in a car that runs on a Wednesday morning in May on the way to Margo and whatever Margotastic prize came with finding her.

John Green, Paper Towns

Photo by Whiskeygonebad http://www.flickr.com/photos/badwsky/ Creative Commons License



  • YES!

  • Bobby Rhodes

    Why doesn’t the entire world know this song, yet?

  • John Green is a Mountain Goats fan. Read John Green. That is all.

  • Here is John Green’s playlist for the book quoted above:¬†http://johngreenbooks.com/paper-towns-playlist/

    I’m going to see if I can recreate it in Spotify.

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