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Eric Whiteacre “Sleep” – 2000 Voice Virtual Choir

By on April 12, 2011

One of the things I love most about music is how it is often birthed out of human collaboration. My favorite moments in my band The Bulltown Strutters, whether at rehearsals or on stage, come when musical magic happens as band members weave something that is bigger (and more wonderful!) than the sum of its parts.

Composer Eric Whiteacre took musical collaboration to a new level, enabled by technology and the Internet. Over several months, 2000+ vocalists from 58 countries recorded their individual parts to Whiteacre’s mesmerizing piece “Sleep.” Whiteacre and his team assembled their recordings, uploaded to YouTube, into a seamless choral performance, which you can hear in the video below.

Chris Anderson, the curator of TED, put it well: “For anyone who wants to believe in the humanizing possibilities of a connected world, here is your anthem.”

Is this the future of music?



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