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Jerusalem, Next Year

By on July 17, 2010

Nearly the same place at the time of Herod I. ...
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Thought I should post a quick “why I’m not updating” update since the blog has been pretty silent this past week after a lot of activity for several weeks.

Some readers may not be aware that the Foolish Sage is in a little tussle with cancer this year. Rectal cancer, to be exact. Runs in the family, and it ran into me. So far this year I’ve been through a period of pre-operative radiation and chemo, then major surgery to remove a good piece of my innards. Now I’m in the midst of some aggressive post-op chemo. After each infusion (every three weeks), I’m pretty sick for a week or more. This past week has been the worst so far; I’ve only been able to be out of bed for about four or five hours at a time. Hence the blog falling silent.

But “there will be feasting and dancing in Jerusalem next year,” only I don’t have to wait a whole year. The chemo treatments will be done in late August, and by some time in September I should start feeling more “normal.” Right now I’m pretty sure that wil be something like being born again.

In the meantime, I promise that whenever I do have some good spells, I will get more content up. There will be more stories on the League of Inveterate Poets Podcast. We will continue the journey of the LOST Retrospective (blogging through the early episodes of LOST with the series’ end in mind). And I’ve got a couple of book reviews that need to be written as well.

Thanks for your patience in the meantime. See you in Jerusalem.

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