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New: LOST Retrospective Page

By on June 12, 2010

Lost title card
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I’ve added a new LOST Retrospective Page that aggregates all my LOST Retrospective posts in one place. It now appears in the main navigation menu just under my blog logo. LOST Retrospective is my project of blogging through all the episodes of the TV series LOST, reconsidering them in light of what we now know since the series finale.

Here are some practical uses for this new page:

  • Catch up on LOST Retrospective posts you may have missed.
  • If you’re only interested in following my LOST Retrospective posts (and not my other stuff), add the LOST Retrospective Page to your RSS feed reader.
  • Get LOST and stay there!


Visit my LOST Retrospective Page

Read The LOST Eschaton Or Knowing the End from the Beginning, my introduction to and thesis for the LOST Retrospective Series.

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