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Marc Maron Interviews Tracy McMillan: Dealing with Daddy

By on May 20, 2010

Still dealing with daddy issues in your life? The interview linked below by comedian/monologist Marc Maron (website) did more to help me think through and deal with mine than any self-help book on the subject I’ve ever read. Marc talks with TV-writer & book author Tracy McMillan, who grew up in foster care, about her coming to terms with her father the jailbird pimp. More than anyone I’ve ever heard, Tracy lays it out straight. She talks about her realization that she had to be the adult in her relationship with her father, her ability to get past her hurt and understand what drives him, and learning to have a relationship without condoning or supporting behavior.

Bonus: McMillan talks about why she thinks people ten or twenty years from now will view today’s widespread availability of pornography the same way we think about cigarette smoking by people in the 1940s.

A couple of quick notes about this podcast: As the name of Maron’s podcast suggests, this contains some “mature” language and subject matter. Also on the format: Marc typically starts out with a brief monologue and then an interview with his guest. The former isn’t always related to the latter, but in this case it very much is.

WTF with Marc Maron Podcast: Tracy McMillan / Dr. Maron

Podcast description: Sometimes Marc needs to work up the nerve to talk to his dad. So first he’s talking with Tracy McMillan, television writer and author of the new memoir “I Love You and I’m Leaving You Anyway.” Her stories of growing up with a pimp for a dad will make it a little easier for Marc to get on the phone with his old man.



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