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New Book Blog: The Discarded Image

By on November 4, 2009

2009-11-03_2321The web has book review blogs by the score, but every so often one comes along that promises to be something special and different. Welcome The Discarded Image.

From the “About” page: “This blog is an exploration of my changing model and those images which I have discarded, for good or bad (that will be a matter for the reader).  At times, my ideas have changed because I simply cannot abide with an older model, at other times, the facts sucker-punch me, forcing change.  In any case, I’ve experienced a lot of personal change over the years and I find comfort in knowing that questions are not my enemy.  Not every thought here is expressed with the same level of certainty.  Nor does the mere articulation of an idea indicate an absolute change or my final word on the subject. What is here is what I’m willing to explore publicly and I hope some of it resonates with you.”



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