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Shout Out to My Wife from Top Blogger Jim West

By on September 30, 2009

jimwest1A quick congratulations to my wife for being recognized in a special post by Dr. Jim West on his blog. According to Biblioblog Top 50, Dr. West’s blog is month-in-month-out the most read and linked-to blog in the world of biblical studies blogging (biblioblogging, as they call it).

Dr. West came upon my wife’s biblioblog Boulders2Bits and had this to say about it:

I didn’t know of Karyn’s blog till today- and I’m glad I discovered it.  Why?  First, because she’s got some fine content, and second, because she’s not a male and in my always forward looking effort to be a blessing and link to the lowly and despised, I am including a link to her.  Pay her a visit.

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