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Shameless Self-Promotion Department: PublicLens Blog

By on September 25, 2009

PublicLensI invite my readers to check out my new humor blog, PublicLens (http://publiclens.blogspot.com).

PublicLens is a never ending parade of the bizarre, the beautiful, and the befuddling from that most ubiquitous of spies: the cell phone camera. The phone cam has created an explosion of imagery and made it available (in many cases) for all to see. It’s portability and accessibility mean that incidents and occurrences are being captured and shared that heretofore would have only bedazzled or befuddled those fortunate (or unfortunate!) enough to have been present at the right (or wrong!) time and place.

Each day I will comb through the millions of cell phone cam images to bring you the photos that just shouldn’t be missed. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I am enjoying the hunt, and please link to what you enjoy for your friends’ benefit. Thanks!

Here are some of the initial posts to get you started:

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