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Music for Nothin’ & Your Kicks for Free

By on May 4, 2009

At one time, most music was free, spontaneous, and generated out of a community. This was folk music before it became a genre in the record store or iTunes. People picked up whatever instruments were at hand (or that they could make) and played not to be popular, not to get a hit on the charts, not to land a deal with a record company. They played for the sheer joy of it.

And their music was community-cohesive and community-building.

Today I want to celebrate that kind of music. Today I want to celebrate Durham’s own Scene of the Crime Rovers Band. Our family ran into them three times this past Saturday: at the local farmer’s market, at a downtown strawberry festival, and at my grandson’s school’s spring carnival. They’re loud, they’re crude, they’re out of tune…and I want to go buy a used baritone horn and join them!

YouTube Preview Image

Video by me. Filmed 3/2/09

Here’s the band’s mission statement from their Myspace page:

  • Take creative music out of the traditional music venue and into public spaces where it may be enjoyed at no cost by a wider cross-section of the community.
  • Play to promote community events such as benefits or social justice actions that the group believes are worthy causes
  • Compose and perform only works that allow musicians at every level of experience (beginner to professional) to participate in the band
  • Collaborate with the artists/creative individuals/arts organizations to create multi-arts projects that allow for participation from artists of all disciplines.
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