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Scot McKnight’s Full Text of What Is the Emerging Church? Available Here!

By on October 29, 2006

(NOTE: I have restored this post from an old blog of mine because I found that many across the web continue to link to it or refer readers to it.)

I am very pleased to announce that Dr. Scot McKnight (blog) has asked me to make available the full, original text of his first address to the Westminster Theological Seminary Student Association Forum An Eternal Word in an ‘Emerging World’? Download the PDF version of his manuscript using the link below:

Note: If you are going to link to this download from your blog, could I request the courtesy of your linking to this post (copy link from here) rather than straight to the file link below? Since I’m contributing the bandwidth to disseminate this, I’d like to have people at least stop by here and maybe see what else I had to offer, especially concerning the conference. Thanks!

What Is the Emerging Church? by Scot McKnight
(Requires free Adobe Reader)

Purchase the audio of this address

Please note that Dr. McKnight retains all rights to this manuscript. It is available for your personal use only and should not be reprinted, reposted, or reproduced in whole or in part in any form without Dr. McKnight’s permission. Should you wish to make use of it for any purpose other than your own reading, you may request permission by contacting me (use the contact link in my right sidebar) and I will pass your request on to Dr. McKnight.



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